Indiana Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society

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 Welcome to the official site for the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society. Our mission is not only clear, but simple; to focus primarily on researching the cause for paranormal activity. Anyone can come on to your property and into your home, leave you with a stack of evidence, and tell you that your location is "haunted". We at IKOPS feel that is only a fraction of what paranormal investigating is about. Sure, we go to locations where activity is being reported and use the best available technology (including custom designed and built devices) to document the paranormal activity that is occurring but we also want to determine what is causing the activity. Therefore, we develop and test our own hypotheses and test existing theories in an attempt to reach the root of the events taking place. We believe there are many people out there who may need help, they may be confused by the activity that is happening at their homes, businesses, etc., so we test equipment and theories at other locations then put them to use when called in to assist someone who is truly in need.

Our investigations are free. We do not even accept donations for our services. We are here to assist YOU. We appreciate those who offer donations, but we simply do not accept them. We are here to help the public and conduct research, not gain financially from others, misfortunate or not. We do have a psychic / medium on our team as well as an ordained, licensed minister. We also offer free consultations, interviews, and guest speaking at events.

Would you like to schedule an investigation? Consultation? Have any questions? Please contact us and we will get back to you in a timely fashion!